Thermal Imaging

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What can thermal imaging reveal?

An infrared inspection can identify and document moisture intrusion, energy loss, and even unexpected hot spots.

  • heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems
  • air-conditioner compressor leaks
  • under-fastening and/or missing framing members, and other structural defects that can lead to energy loss
  • broken seals in double-paned windows
  • missing, damaged and/or wet insulation
  • overloaded and undersized circuits
  • dangerous flue leaks, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning of the home’s residents

Thermal Imaging


This photo shows a basement heat leak. Ever wonder why your house is so drafty? Is your heat bill higher than it should be? We can determine the exact area where a structure is failing with energy efficiency.